Salesforce integration

Cadence with SalesITV integrates directly into your Salesforce CRM. This gives your users access to sales training and enablement within Salesforce where they need it most.

Best practice capture

No need to reinvent the wheel. Acknowledge, capture and share best practice behaviour amongst the team with Playbooks. Create best practice playbooks and label them around key products, campaigns, or anything you choose.

Coaching & feedback

Coaching is at our core. Coaching workflows are inbuilt into every activity allowing for specific, timely, public or private feedback and ratings. Coaching can be delivered via video, providing a powerful communication tool to supplement face-to-face interactions.

Streamlined sales meetings

Run remote sales meetings across multiple teams. Use the video sync and virtual conference tool to run team meetings, whether your team is across the office or across the country. Meetings are captured for later review.


Cadence partners exclusively with SalesITV to offer a complete sales training system. SalesITV offers the world’s largest video and resource content library, and over 20 years of global expertise delivering coaching sales and service excellence. With seamless ‘flick of a switch’ integration, SalesITV will transform your sales and performance trajectory.

Pitch & roleplay

It’s so easy to upload pitch and roleplay videos straight from your mobile or desktop. Reps can practice their pitching techniques and have them critiqued by team members or coached by leaders.

Just in time learning & onboarding

Easily manage the onboarding workflow and create programs relevant to roles, skills and knowledge gaps. Mobile access allows your team to refresh on key skills in the field.

Message calibration

Keep all of your team on message, wherever they are. Effectively using video, activities, coaching and playbooks helps drive consistent knowledge and implementation across your entire team.

Connecting people with intelligence.


Sales Enablement

Designed for performance, Cadence is tailored for training and supporting your sales team. Add SalesITV and multiply your ROI

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