Guidance from day one

Right from day one, employees can go through a structured course that can upskill and inform them on their role and responsibilities. Managers can easily interact with the training program and reporting lets them know the training has been completed.

Save operational time

A well thought out onboarding program saves everyone time. The ability to create and package specific programs makes it easier for management and employees alike.

Social is best

There’s no better or simpler way to make new employees feel welcome than social posts from their new colleagues, from management down. Everyone can welcome new employees with a video message or welcome text on the activity feed.

Legal compliance assessments

Legal compliance is an increasing reality of most workplaces, from ‘How To’ Certification, to Health & Safety, to Anti-Harassment, Bullying & Discrimination training. Cadence helps ensure your people are qualified and that your organisation can offer solid proof of the fact.

Boost productivity & reduce turnover

Better, faster trained employees boost their productivity from day one. Over the longer term it helps reduce turnover. Ongoing training is key to keeping a workforce motivated and upskilled to help them achieve the best results possible.

Connecting people with intelligence.



Cadence onboarding and online induction software helps organisations ensure that new employees feel welcome. Give your new people the best start to their new career with welcome videos, induction quizzes, resources and social posts from their new colleagues.

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