Specialist coaching role

Our specialised coaching tools give coaches or leaders specific functions across the platform – allowing access and filtered views to activity across any number of teams or across the whole organisation.

Private or public feedback

Coaching comments can be made privately to the individual or made public to the team or group. Both are useful in varying situations and environments.

Video coaching

Coaching can take place through a video or audio upload straight from a coach’s mobile. This adds an extra level of authenticity for learners when reviewing feedback and mentoring.

Direct feedback & rating

Every learning activity has an opportunity to be coached. This provides a real results-focused mechanism to coach field-based activities in the online format.

Track coaching performance

Coaches are accountable too. Coaching interactions are tracked and can be weighted against the completion of tasks by those they coach.

Connecting people with intelligence.


Coaching & mentoring at scale

Coaching and leadership is integral to learning and performance. Our coaching tools allow for scaleable coaching with multiple coaches across the whole organisation.

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