Creating Your Own Courses

Create your own customised courses with easy to use, outcomed designed authoring tools.

Reporting & Assessment

Schedule your courses to make them available immediately or time their release via drip-feed so that they are only made available on the dates that you desire.

Communicate & Collaborate

One consistent training experience across your whole organisation. And many conversations everywhere.

Team Meetings and Group Learning

Team meeting mode allows remote participants to have a synchronous video-based learning session without the need for clunky screen-sharing – all from their desktop or android mobile device. One message across your whole organisation.

Customise and Integrate

Learning programs work best when you have total ownership of them. We’ve designed Cadence so you can make it your own – customised to your brand, integrated with your business.

Administration Control

We believe the key to a great learning platform is its ability to be easily administered.

Skill Building for Individuals & Teams

Clearly focused learning and upskilling is at the heart of what we do.

Connecting people with intelligence.


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Coachable Activities


Activity coaching and tracking has never been easier. All session learning activities can be directly coached, tracked and customised at a team level. Activities can be rated by a coach and coaching comments can be relayed directly and privately to any participant.

Resources at hand


All sessions come with an easily accessible resource section so that learning documents are right at hand when you need them.

Interaction is easy


Learners no longer need to type in their activities. They can also record and upload an audio or video file. And when out of the office they can upload directly from their mobile device.

Mobile access


Learn where ever you are with 24/7 availability.   Download CADENCE.COACH mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Search everything


With ‘Search Everything’ it’s easy to find the most relevant and useful information you need. There’s no faster way to source, capture, share and learn knowledge all in the one place.

Notifications & reminders


Never miss anything important again. Pop-up, email and mobile notifications keep all users up-to-date with current sessions, information updates and collaboration. You can easily turn notifications on or off at your convenience.



Create the type of course that best suits your style, such as instructor-led, blended, or self-paced.

Content Authoring


Course authoring tools allow you to create specialised courses that can include an array of content options, activities, assessment and built-in leadership guides.



Upload almost any combination of multimedia to create your courses –including video (including youtube and vimeo), audio, PDF, Slideshow, or Rich Text.

Completion Scoring


All courses sync into our custom Discipline Score metric so that you can easily see all scheduled courses that have been completed – from across the entire organisation down to each individual.

Scheduling & Drip feed


Schedule your courses to make them available immediately or time their release via drip-feed so that they are only made available on the dates that you desire.

Content Partners


Take your course to another level. Access quality content and services with seamless integration.



Coming soon.



Welcome to compliance you can count on. Exam assessments include randomised question and answer functionality to help deter cheating. An assessment resit can be set up for individuals or for everyone with just a few clicks. Reviewing results is effortless with completion history logs, easy export capability and easy-to-activate filters and indicators.



Visual heatmap reports show at a glance who is performing and who is falling behind. Graphics display completion percentage data, with each score colour-coded based on the percentage of the task complete. This simple mapping device allows leaders to focus their time on those who need it most.

Discipline Score


Discipline Score is our unique scoring method that amalgamates all required learning into one score – from an individual performance measure through to a snapshot of the whole organisation.



Keep track of who attends group-based sessions and confirm individual attendance. Helpful for leaders and coaches, great for classroom or team meeting scenarios.



Leader boards help drive motivation. Acknowledging Top Members, Top Leaders, Top Coaches and Top Teams make for high involvement and team camaraderie.

Custom reporting


Mix and match your data the way you want it.  Custom reports allows you to select and filter almost any combination of input data to create a detailed report of your learning outcomes.  And it's all exportable.

Collaboration tools


Our collaboration tools allow organisations to create and manage consistent knowledge and best practice behaviour. Learners, Coaches and Leaders can easily communicate and collaborate on their activities, projects, best practice and success, using the activity feed and playbooks. Whether it’s across the room, the country or the globe, working and learning together keeps everyone on the same page.

Activity Feed


Activity feeds make it easy to track the current news by showing the latest activities, sessions available, postings and announcements. Feeds can be individually filtered across teams, post-type or content schedule, and they can be grouped at a Team or Organisational level. Leaders, Coaches and Observers like the the transparency of the activity feed discussions because all comments can be seen by everyone, encouraging open sharing and behavioural improvement.



The right way to do things – made available to everyone across your whole organisation.

Video & audio sharing


Share it with a video. Anywhere across the platform, posts can be made in text, video or audio format, and they can be tagged for easy search and grouping. Mobile users can film an update and post it on the feed, straight from their device.



Teams achieve more than individuals. That’s why teams form the core unit of our learning philosophy. Teams can be grouped into infinite categories to map to any level of organisational complexity and reporting requirement. Any individual, whatever their role, can be a part of any number of teams.

Team Meetings


Cadence makes synchronous group-based learning easy. Remote team(s) members can now be part of the same learning session or meeting.

Web Conferencing


Easily connect inside a Team Meeting via the voice conferencing functionality. All recordings are captured and saved for future review. Perfect for remote teams, absent team members or when multiple teams need to join into the one meeting.

Video Sync


No more clunky screen sharing. Video sync allows Leaders to control the video stream across all participants in the meeting wherever their location. Great for controlling the tempo and subject of the discussion.

Leaders Guides


In-built Leader guides ensure your training rollout is delivered the same way every time. Each session allows for an inbuilt and downloadable guide that may include prompters and points of discussion. Leaders can review the guide privately on their own screen whilst delivering a session.

Session Review


Record your meetings or sessions for review at a later date. Perfect for capturing best practice or providing an easy way for absentees to catch up on what they missed. It’s also a great way to review leadership performance without being in the room.

Look and feel


Customise the platform and make it your own. Change the entire colour scheme for your site and add logos and place holders to suit. You can also customise welcome email messages with your own information, instructions and attachments.



Integrate with Salesforce CRM.



Easily integrate Single Sign On to your existing portal or Identity cloud for a seamless login experience. Make it simple and easy for learners to access their content.



Connect to your own data warehouse, analytics portal, CRM or whatever you choose. Our open APIs are ready to go.

Custom communications


Customise your welcome email message and attachments so your first system contact really does come from you.

Account types & roles


We provide a wide range of account types including Group Administrator, Observer, Coach, Team Leader/Teacher and Member/Learner.



Keep track of what’s happening in your business and what learners are doing by browsing through activity logs and the activity feed.

Help Centre


Our system is super user-friendly. Even so we want to be there for users when they need help. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Help Centre with topics on how to get the most out of Cadence.

Bulk upload & edit


Do it in bulk. Add and manage members and edit common changes with our time-saving bulk editing tool.

Feature control


Turn on and off key features at an admin level if you decide that the feature isn’t right for you. No need to contact support for help.

Team and user management


Manage Teams, groups of teams and all your users accounts easily from our easy to use Administration controls.



Most plans support a combination of phone and email support – so there’s always help there when you need it.


Video-based learning


Video is at our core. Upload your own video to create a session or course, or upload one from youtube or vimeo. If you don’t have a video to build a session around, upload a slideshow, PDF, File or use the Rich Text Editor instead.

Let's talk: 1300 147 888